Educational Meeting Name Badge Template

Educational Name Badge carries branding of the learning institution. It completes a look, endorses an image and is vital connection between the student and other people outside and inside the school. When you meet with a student for the first time, the first thing you will notice is the name badge. Educational Name Badges are designed mainly for students but some learning institutions design name badges for the teachers, librarians, religion educators and volunteers as well. This article will discuss Educational Name Badge design guidelines.

Educational logos are graphical display of the school’s unique identity. A school logo provides essential information about the school. An Educational Name Badge should include the school’s logo because logos are made to be the face of the school. The logo consists of images, colors and fonts. They should be unique and comprehensive. They should be included on the name badge to give some sense or meaning, and convey information about the school.


Educational institutions admit many students each year and it is difficult for the professor, visitor and the subordinate staff to master all the student’s names often. Including their names on the Educational Name Badge will make it easier for the people to identify the students and also it will prevent a student from wearing a name badge that does not belong to them. Having the student’s name on the name badge will help them in case the badge gets lost and it is found; then it will be easy to return it to the real owner.

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Student ID Number:

Putting the student’s identity number on their Educational Name Badge is important in the case where many students’ names are similar. Then they can easily be identified by their student’s ID numbers which are unique and different from each and every student.


When designing an Educational Name Badge, you can use different types of font styles that suit your institute type. Microsoft Word has an extensive list of font styles that you can use to design a name badge. Try as much as you can to choose attractive font styles that will make the badge look presentable and professionally designed.


Choose a unique background color that will make the badge stand out great. Usually color scheme of Educational Name Badges go after the theme of other official documents or website, so that they look alike and part of those.

Badge Material:

Educational Name Badge is to be worn almost every day and so the design material should be scratch and fade resistant for the badge to last longer. You can laminate the badge to make it water resistant too.


Choose the appropriate badge fittings. Educational Name Badges can be fitted by clips, pins, ribbons or magnetic fittings depending on the need.

Expiry and Issue Dates:

Name badge also include issue and expiry dates, i.e. the session tenure they are issued for. This is to prevent students from using name badges for students who are not part of the session in case they lose their own badges.