Delivery Receipt Template

Whenever one orders something online, or has something delivered, one is asked to sign a Goods Delivery Receipt. This Goods delivery receipt is a receipt which is received by the person who is receiving a certain delivery of goods or products. It acts as a confirmation to the sender that the person who was meant to receive certain goods has received them. The Goods delivery receipt is very common and one can safely say that a person must have signed the Goods delivery receipt at least once in his/her lifetime. Usually a Goods delivery receipt is handed over to the customer by a number of companies that are in the business of sending products of value all over the world. These companies need to have some sort of confirmation that their sent products have been received by the intended person and are delivered in a safe and secure manner. Without a Goods Delivery Receipt, these companies would have no record what so ever and they could be on the receiving end of a litigation. The Goods delivery receipt also help to track down the progress of a delivery as well by the sender. For example if you have sent your mother flowers on mother’s day and she has signed on the Goods Delivery Receipt, you can easily check with the florist if they have been received.

When making a Goods Delivery Receipt, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines so that the intended purpose of the Goods delivery receipt is fulfilled. Note that the Goods delivery receipt is a legal document and if not made properly can be disastrous for the organization in the long run.

  • Details regarding the product being sent should be mentioned in a clear manner. If they require description then mention that as well. This helps when there are a number of products being shipped over and decreases the risk of products being handed over incorrectly.
  • Make sure that the font being used in the Goods delivery receipt is readable and is of medium size. It shouldn’t be too small that the receiver has problems in reading it and it shouldn’t be too big that it takes up the whole page. It is advised that times new roman be used for Goods Delivery Receipt.
  • Make certain that the details of the organization are mentioned in a much larger font than other details. This would help the receiver in knowing exactly who is sending over the goods. For example if other details are being mentioned in a font size 12, then the name of the organization should be mentioned in 16.
  • The space where the receiver will sign should be slightly big. This is because there is no standard size for a signature and various people sign their names in various manners. To prevent squishing or giving the receipt a disorganized and messy look, make the space slightly bigger. Three inches is fine.
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Sample Delivery Receipt Template