Daily Time Sheet Template

Daily Time Sheet Format is web based time sheet solution that is designed to help the employers in keeping track of their employee performance. You can analyze the employee’s efficiency and dedication to their work using the Daily Time Sheet. Time tracking process is different and unique to every employee depending on their position, duties and responsibilities at work. In this article, you will get useful guidelines on how to create a Daily Time Sheet Format to monitor your employees.

Define the Company’s Needs

Before you prepare a Daily Time Sheet document that will be used by other people, you will need to first consider how to validate input from other users to avoid invalid data entry, how users will access the time sheet, how to secure the time sheet format so that the users cannot edit or alter the formulas, and also how to protect confidential data from unauthorized access for security assurance.

Define and Enter the Labels

Building a Daily Time Sheet will require you to enter the most appropriate labels depending on the information that you want to include on the time sheet. Mostly you will need a field for employee details, period of time that the sheet will cover departments, manager’s signature space, and overtime, paid sick leaves, subtotals and grand totals that are required.


Here is Preview and Download Daily Weekly Time Sheet Template







Automate the Dates

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Manual dates entry can lead to wrong data entry and this will create many mistakes. Automated dates will help you in entering the actual dates. This Daily Time Sheet will be using the basic formulas to calculate the total hours that an employee has worked in a single day. Once the employee enters their personal details and the hours that they have worked in the morning and in the evening, then the cell will be added up automatically in the total field.

Enter Formulas That Will Calculate All Worked Hours

In this stage, you will need to create formulas that will calculate in and out time values on daily basis. Also create formulas that will calculate daily overtime hours that each and every employee has worked, sick leaves, vacations, and calculate the totals. When you are creating these formulas, you should consider creating default in and out time values so that the users will be in a position to use the Daily Time Sheet with minimal errors. This will enhance accuracy in data entry.

Lock Protect the Cells and the Time Sheet

At this point the time sheet is functional but you might want to add borders and shadings to distinguish the sections, subtotals and the totals. And this is the final stage of Daily Time Sheet Format guidelines; you will need to protect the formula cells and the time sheet’s purpose by restricting the users to specific type of data entry. This is to avoid accidental or intentional deleting of the formulas and breaking of the sheet’s format. By locking the sheet will prevent the users from editing or changing of the data and therefore ensuring data entry accuracy.