Creative and Modern Memo Template

Memo, also known as memorandum, is a written document used for communication purpose within a company or big organization. A memo can have several uses but it is mainly used to inform the employees and other company staff on updates, notice, news and also to persuade them about something that needs to be done urgently or to issue instructions to the employees. The work of Memo Designs has advanced and every day there are new improved Memo Designs. In this article we are going to discuss Memo Design Trends.

Procurement Memo Design

This Type of Memo Design has been on rise and it is popular in corporate companies and organizations. This is due to the development of its mandate and it is mostly used in conflict settling in matters pertaining incorrect authorization against the organization’s set procedures. This trending Memo Design is also used to correct a party or department within a company and also to advice other departments for future references.

Awareness Memo Design

An awareness Memo Design is used in several ways in an organization or company. In most of cases, internal security awareness is communicated through this type memo. It’s designed in brief but direct to the point format as its main purpose is to inform the staff of the security measures, guidelines and even anticipated threat. Not only this but also in an event where new employees mostly those in senior positions are employed, the process is communicated through the awareness memo. In this case, one can choose to include a detailed picture of the subject. Awareness memo makes it easier to communicate with other staff members.

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The announcement Memo Design is used to announce to the staff and departments of a company about an upcoming event or of an ongoing process that the top management feels that the audience (staff) should be informed about and is necessary to them. In an event of a vacancy in the company, the announcement is made here too. This alike other types of Memo Design Trends provide fields for the addressee and the addresser. This can be pinned on the company’s notice board, sent by email to all staff members of that particular department, or be delivered to each sub offices. In most events, a copy is enough for a department as it is pinned in the departments’ notice board and another copy on the main company notice board.

Directives or Instruction Memo Design

Directives and instructions are being communicated through memorandum in the current era. This Memo Design serves direct to all or a specific department on a certain issue. It also serves to issue a command to the staff on arising issues and matters which requires command or advice from the top management. This is commonly used in security departments, mostly within devolved power, and in events for an action to take place. A directive of authorization needs to be from top management. This too like the rest provides areas for the addressee and the addresser, the date and the subject.



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