Company Property Receipt Template

Preparing a Company Property Receipt is simple enough. It is usually printed out to hand to employees when they borrow or return company property such as laptops, furniture, vehicles, etc. A Company Property Receipt should have all the particulars of the employee that borrows a particular company property like location of the employee and the department they work in. It should also have the serial number and the property number of the company property with its description and the quantity borrowed.

A Company Property Receipt should also mention the name of the company in the first line of the declaration. It should also mention the fact that the company property is being given to the employee for the purpose of business only. If it is found that the employee has used the company property for personal use, they can be liable to action.

If it is an electronic gadget like a laptop, the Company Property Receipt should have the make, the model, and the serial number of the laptop. It should also include information about things that go with the laptop like a power supply cord, a standard AC cord, a dongle cord, or a carry case. If any or all of these things are provided to the employee, it should be clearly mentioned in the Company Property Receipt.

The Company Property Receipt should have a declaration from the employee saying that they understand that the property is on loan from the company and that they are to use it only for business purposes. It should also state that they understand that they are supposed to take good care of the property. If they fail to exercise due caution or care in the use of the company property, or it is damaged due to the negligence of the employee, the Company Property Receipt should clearly say that the employee will be liable to disciplinary action. It might also result in the discharge of his position from the company.

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Lastly but not least, the Company Property Receipt should state that the employee understands that the company property is on loan and that it is supposed to be returned to the company once its use is over. It could also be returned when the employee leaves the company or the company property is requested to be returned by their superior, as the case may be. If it is not returned at the given time or on being asked, the employee will be charged.

The Company Property Receipt should then mention the employees name and the date that the property is issued. Also, there should be space allotted for the name of the issuing authority like the manager, and the date on which the authorization is given. The signature of both parties should also be included in the Company Property Receipt. This is an important document in small as well as big companies. Sometimes company property gets lost or misplaced and these are circumstances when a Company Property Receipt could come in handy for both employees and the company.