Check Requisition Template

Check Requisitions are generally used only for travel advances, membership renewals, subscriptions and certain special purchase situations which are authorized by the Accounts Payable Department before any purchase is made. Also certain document copies are attached with this form, which are explained in the sections below. If some of the Check Requisition are without proper back-up then it might result in the delay for further processes. But do remember that requests for travel advances need no back-up documentation till the business trip is over.


Check Requisition Form is used to request payment to the vendors or companies for services rendered, minor orders, membership dues, registrations, etc. When a vendor accepts a purchase order, a purchase requisition is to be filled rather than a Check Requisition Form. The Check Request Form may also be used to request cash receivables or advances and other cash reimbursements.

Elements and Instructions

Check Requisition is an online form hence, all data on this must be typed. There are certain documents which should be attached with Check Requisition Form as backup documents like invoices, order forms, registration forms, contracts, etc. Remember that you are not required to attach a statement from a vendor which lists the invoice number, amount and the date.  Only the actual invoice (which shows what was purchased), cost including the taxes and shipping cost are to be attached necessarily. Make sure that you fill in the form correctly and completely because incomplete forms are returned and then you need to re-submit them.

Simple Check Request Form Template

The elements of the form are as mentioned below:

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Pay To: Here you enter the payee’s name along with complete address. Ensure that the mailing address is correct and valid.

Banner ID: It is an 8-digit number and is assigned by Registrar’s Office.

Deliver Check To: All the checks are to be mailed directly from Accounts Payable Department. In case of special mailing instructions (mentioned on the check request), other than regular mail would be charged to requesting department.

Date:  Enter the date when request for check was prepared.

Date Check Required: Date when the check is needed is mentioned. Sometimes there might be invoices which show terms for 30 days Accounts Payable then check will be issued a week before the due date. Exceptions to this will be considered if there are discounts offered from the vendors.

Check Amount: The total amount requested

Fund-Org-Account-Program Number:  Enter 6 digit fund number which is followed by the 6 digit organization number then the 5 digit account number and lastly 2 digit program number.

Department Name: Mention the name of department

Purpose of Payment: Mention the purpose for the payment in respect of your business.

Form Originator Contact Information: It demands for email address along with the contact details of the individual who completed the check request form.

Finance Office: Once the process to check for the completeness is done along with budget, the finance office will then authorize the payment. This request will again be returned to the Accounts Payable department.