Expense Report Template

An Expense Report is a tool that an organization makes uses of to determine what expenses have incurred during the year for the organization. Many a times, organizations make an expense report on a quarterly basis (there are 4 quarters in a year) to determine how much expense has the organization bared, from where it was paid … Read more

Auto Expense Report Template

Auto Expense Reports are usually used to create an effective report for your auto expenses. Here you mention how much mileage your vehicle has traveled and also the rate per Gallon to demand for the reimbursement purpose. Further, include your name, contact details, designation and month as a reference if needed later. This Auto Expense Report … Read more

Merit Certificate Template

Merit Certificate Design guidelines can be found online or in books. Merit Certificates are given to professionals in recognition for exemplary work in their field of occupation. A Merit Certificate Design needs to follow a template. Merit Certificates are given to professionals and therefore should look professional. Merit Certificate Design is not very complicated. A … Read more

Merit Award Template

Every award design has its own different incarnation that makes it to look unique, outstanding and appealing to the person been awarded. The sole purpose of an award, especially Merit Award, is to appreciate the receiving party for their hard work. Merit Awards are given in order to acknowledge an excellent achievement, honor or value … Read more

Annual Budget Template

Planning an annual budget is a daunting idea but once you start planning the budget, it is really not that difficult. The common accounting terms and budget nomenclature is available online. You can easily create your own annual budget. For business, an annual budget is indispensable. Creating accurate and updated annual budgets helps maintain control … Read more