Weekly Time Sheet Template

Using effective weekly time sheet helps in recording and calculating billable hours and non-billable hours from the hours worked. This is a net calculation of man hours a company spends. Ideally, a Weekly Time Sheet has information about the hours worked in a week, in the decimal format. A weekly time sheet should ideally begin … Read more

Meeting Action Items Template

The most important aspect of holding a meeting is to discuss and agree on how tasks and projects should be implemented. Action items are discrete tasks that must be tackled and accomplished by an individual, team or a group. Action items should be documented clearly and all crucial details must be included. Action items are … Read more

Seminar Evaluation Form

The Seminar Evaluation Form is intended to provide the company and the seminar speakers with helpful and constructive feedback about the overall seminar experience that will help them to improve and make necessary changes during other seminars in the near future. Below you will find what should be included in Seminar Evaluation Form. Company: This … Read more

Break-Even Analysis Template

The Break-even point in a business is the point at which a business generates revenue that is equal to the cost of business. In other words, the revenue of the business is as much as the money spent to generate that revenue. Break-Even Analysis is an analysis of a business’s break-even point. It is an … Read more

Weekly Goals & Objectives Planner Sheet Template

While planning a project, first and foremost step is to develop goals and objectives. A broad and long term change which a company works toward, usually a statement they ultimately want to achieve is called Goal. In other words, destination point defined by them is their goal. Whereas, the statements about more specific and immediate changes … Read more