Price List Template

The most important thing about your products is how much you ask for them. If you price your products correctly, you can make sure customers will buy the products but if you make any mistake in this process, it can ruin the future of your company and once the reputation is down the flush, it … Read more

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

In business, a lot of information changes hands between two or more parties. Some of this information is sensitive and may be crucial for some parties involved. The one way to protect confidential information is a Non-Disclosure Agreement. A Non-Disclosure Agreement or an NDA is usually used to protect information about a company or an … Read more

Sales Contract Template

Sales Contract is a legal document that shows the sale agreement between the buyer and the seller. It is the contract for the exchange of goods, services or property, that specifies the terms and conditions of a deal and transaction between the two parties. A Sales Contract will include the legal obligation and rights of … Read more