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Petty cash can be defined as a small amount of money kept at hand to make small purchases. By small purchases it means that purchases which are worth small amounts. Many organization and businesses keep petty cash around in order to purchase any small thing on a daily basis. Instead of making use of a cheques , petty cash is used which facilitates small purchases and is used on a daily basis. This Cash Receipt is usually handled by a petty cash administrator who makes use of a Petty Cash Receipt document the things bought from petty cash on a daily, monthly or a weekly basis. A Petty Cash Receipt is a receipt or an invoice issued by the petty cash administrator to the person from whom the organization is buying small things from. The Petty Cash Receipt is made just like a regular receipt and serves the same format but instead of various modes of money, petty cash is used for the receipt.

Sample Receipt of Cash Receipt Templates

Usually a Petty Cash Receipt involves the name of the organization (the one who is buying) to be written on top in a clear font. Details regarding the organization are also to be mentioned below the name of the organization. These details include the contact number and the address of the organization. Next the date and the time of when the receipt was issued is to be mentioned to help in the documentation and recording process. It is optional if the time isn’t mentioned but the date is a very crucial part! After the details have been mentioned, the amount should be mentioned, both in numerical form and in a wording form to decrease the chance of any mistake. The reason why the receipt was issue is also to be mentioned to help in documentation. In the end the signature of the issuer is present to authenticate the receipt.

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When making a Petty Cash Receipt, It is necessary that a few guidelines be kept in mind. Since the Petty Cash Receipt plays a vital role in record keeping, one needs to make the Petty Cash Receipt in the best way possible to facilitate book keeping.

  • Make sure that amount is written in a clear manner. Although it is a small amount, it should be mentioned clearly as even the mistake of a single digit can disturb the book keeping process.
  • Ensure that the font on the receipt is classy and dignified. It should reflect the professionalism of the organization and give a nice look.
  • Make certain that the material used to make the Petty Cash Receipt shouldn’t be too thin, there is a chance that the receipt might be teased or may be squished. It should be of a slightly thicker material such as a card paper to ensure durability.
  • The Petty Cash Receipt needs enough space to mention all the details in a clear manner to avoid making the look of the Petty Cash Receipt messy and disorganized.

Business Cash Receipt Template