Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Template

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis refers to the process through which a business or an organization will determine whether to carry on a certain project or not. The Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis process will involve the estimation of the initial amount of finances the business has to invest on particular project and the amount of revenue that the project will generate in return. This sensitivity analysis will provide an additional approach for you to be able to make investment decisions. This article will discuss helpful tips on how to conduct Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis.


Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Template Excel

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis



Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Template



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Choose the Right Analysis Methodology

There are various methods that a business or an organization can use to determine the financial effects of a certain project. The analysis methodology will assist you to be able to calculate the amount of time it will take for the project to generate enough income to cover all the initial investment expenses, and return the initial amount of money invested. The appropriate Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis method will provide you with necessary information to be able to estimate the cash flow from the project and also know if the project is leading to profit or loss.

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Cover the Risks Involved

All analysis methods of financial budgeting involve making assumptions and estimations about the overall project performance. The company’s management team will use the end results of the estimates to make their financial decisions. However, this assumptions and estimates sometimes may turn out to be inaccurate and not reliable. This can lead to inaccurate project’s end results which will be a great recipe for the project to generate losses instead of profits. This only means there are many chances of the project to collapse and loss of the initial amount of cash invested. Conducting financial analysis will help you in deciding if you are willing to take such risks. A Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis should cover all the risks involved.

Carry Out a Sensitivity Study

A sensitivity analysis will help you to decide what happens to the project in case the assumption turns out to be inaccurate. It will prepare you mentally and financially in case the project does not generate the expected end results. So you can analyze the project and see where you went wrong. A good sensitivity analysis will help you to identify key areas that are very crucial to success of the project and also help you in carefully monitoring those key areas to make sure that the project generates the expected revenue and profits.

Financial Calculations

When you are calculating your business financial budget the Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis will assist you to change the analysis assumptions one after the other and observe how the end results will change. This can boost the project’s performance and maybe the project generates even better profits. Let’s say if the project was created out of inaccurate estimates and it generated low profits, then changing the estimates will have a positive impact on the results after changes.

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