Can I Use Zipcar In Another Country?

You can book a Zipcar in a foreign country just as easily as you can from home.

Can you leave Zipcar different location?

Your Zipcar should be returned to the home location in a Zipcar-branded parking space at the end of your trip. … You should never leave your Zipcar in another home location or anywhere outside of its designated location unless otherwise instructed.

Can you drive Zipcar long distance?
There’s not a limit on how far you can drive your Zipcar, but there is a limit on how many of those miles are included in your trip. Zipcars in the United States: … 180 free miles for each 24-hour period. 20 free miles for each additional hour of your reservation until you reach 180 miles.

Can you unlock Zipcar from far away?

Once you’ve scanned in, you can then use your Zipcard or phone to lock and unlock the doors throughout your trip. Do not use the vehicle key to lock and unlock; this key should always remain inside the vehicle.

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Can you take a Zipcar out of London?

There’s no need to book in advance – just find the car in our app, tap and we’ll reserve it for 15 minutes. Drive where you want to go, and when you’ve finished your trip there’s no need to return it to a specific bay, just make sure you leave it in our Zipzone which covers most of London.

How long can you keep a Zipcar?

You can reserve a Zipcar for as little as one hour or as long as 14 days at a time. Reservations can be made in half-hour increments. When booking, keep in mind that your Zipcar is available for others to reserve before and after your reservation. You may also read, Can I vacuum water with a regular vacuum?

Can I take a Zipcar on a road trip?

Planning on a road trip? Careful—Zipcar caps mileage, and the fees are a hefty 55 cents per mile if you go over. Zipcar’s model really works best for short trips of an hour or two—where it doesn’t make sense to pay $35 or so for a car just to run errands. Check the answer of Can I vent my dryer out the roof?

Do you pay tolls with Zipcar?

Most Zipcars will include a toll pass. … While it doesn’t cost extra to book a car with a toll pass, you will be responsible for any and all tolls incurred during your trip. All toll charges will be added to your account after your trip ends.

Can you unlock Zipcar early?

If there’s no reservation immediately before yours, you can take the car up to 14 minutes early at no extra charge. The doors will only unlock early if the car is available. Read: Can I video chat with Google Chrome?

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What happens if you go over 180 miles in Zipcar?

Regardless of how many hours you need the car for, ZipCar allows you to drive up to 180 miles at no additional charge. Should you need to drive a longer distance, you’ll need to pay 45 cents per additional mile you put on the car. In some cases, premium vehicles cost 55 cents for each mile over 180 miles.

Can you use Zipcar without your card?

Unfortunately, you would need your Zipcard before you’re able to access a vehicle. They usually take up to 7 business days to arrive in the mail.

What if you return Zipcar early?

When you first book your Zipcar, you will be required to pay for the time you choose upfront and returning it early would not make it available for other users, so no matter when you decide to return the car, you will not be able to get a refund on the extra time.

Is Zipcar cheaper than Uber?

Zipcar is often more affordable than its competition. … With base fees, per-mile, and per-minute charges, Uber and Lyft are more expensive than Zipcar for trips of any length.

Is Zipcar more expensive on weekends?

Weekend reservations are more expensive than weekdays. You’ll find plenty of cars for $10/hr during the week.

Does Zipcar pay for gas?

We are happy to pay for gas, but we count on members to fuel the vehicles. Every Zipcar has a gas card in the visor above the driver’s seat that should be used when fueling the vehicle. Your Zipcar needs to be left with at least 1/4 tank of gas, no matter how much it had at the start of the reservation.

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