Birthday Party Invitation Template

We always want our birthdays to turn out into great and memorable event. Planning a birthday party is a bit different from planning other events because birthday parties mark an important and special day of our lives. Create Birthday Invitation cards for your friends and families to cherish them. Usually when it comes to sending birthday greeting cards, there is nothing more heartfelt then a homemade card. When you spare some time to make customized cards for your loved one, this will send especial message of love and appreciation for their attendance. In this article, we are going to share some design ideas for Birthday Party Invitation.

Cardboard Craft Birthday Party Invitation:

You can make an interesting birthday invitation card from plain cardboard. The cardboard can be of any color of your choice. Cut the board into desired shape as you would like the cards to look like. You can shape the cards into any cartoon character if it’s for a child’s birthday. Fold the cardboard in two pieces. Add birthday detail message in side. You can also trim the decorative paper scraps into any shape you like (square shape, star shape or round or oval shape) and place them to the corner of the cards. Then include birthday quote and other details for a personal touch.

Use Decorative Items on Birthday Party Invitation:

Write the Birthday Invitation message along the perimeter of the small square inside the card. Create a birthday cake by using three different colorful craft papers. Also cut the craft paper into candle shape and place them to the top of the card. Add buttons or balloon (created using paper) to the corners. Add greetings and welcome messages on balloons and buttons. It will give a colorful look to the cards. Such creative decoration will amuse the guests. If you are planning to make birthday invitation cards for kids then they will get super excited.

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Purse Design Birthday Party Invitation:

You can also create a purse shape invitation card. It will work perfectly if you are inviting girls. Simply cut two identical pieces of paper into a purse shape. Decorate both the sides and bottom. Then punch the hole with a beautiful decent but colorful ribbon. You can decorate the purse with flowers, monogram, etc. Write the note and slip it in the purse. Girls would love such amazing work.

Add Glitter to Birthday Party Invitation:

Glittered letters will give the birthday Invitation card an attractive touch. Especially for kid’s birthday party, children love such colorful things. If you spray some glitter on cards, they will look more colorful and attractive to your little guests who will be attending the birthday party.

Print the Birthday Cards:

You can also print the birthday cards for your friends and family. Design the birthday card online and get it printed. If you have decided on the party theme color, then use similar colors and characters of theme on the birthday card. Add beautiful lines to invite the guests. This will send a warm welcoming message to the guests.