Bakery Price List Template

Whether you run your own bakery or just work in a small place, you will understand that how irritating it is when someone walks in and even if you are already busy with other customers, they ask you if you bake custom cakes and how much one will cost. This all can become easy if you can just help the customers with a proper price list. A Bakery Price List is a simple document that includes the items you sell along with their charges or prices. This can also become something unique for your business when you enter the preparation time for each of the item and the advance payment that customers need to pay before confirming an order. It depends on your choices and preferences if you just want to make one copy of the price list and put it on the counter so customers can see it or you can make several copies so customers won’t need to wait for someone to decide on their order so they can take a look at the price list.

Guidelines to design Bakery Price List:

  • Whether you like your price list with a basic and simple format or you want to make it colorful and trendy, you need to decide before starting the designing process. Time is the money and when you don’t have much time, it’s better to go with a simple one so you can complete the task early but when you want to spend time with the list and you are planning to use it for a long time, you should consider using more colors and graphic designs along with pictures and photos.
  • The basic reason that you are making the price list by yourself is to bring a certain element of personal interest in the design so you shouldn’t go with the designs available on internet. To start with the price list, decide on the color of the paper that you will use for the price list. It can be white or any other color that you want and you can also use more than one color on the list as well.
  • You also need to decide on the type of the price list that you want to design. If you want to just create one and hang it on the front door so people who walk by can take a look at it, use a common paper because it will be safe on the glass door but when you want to print multiple copies and put them on the counter, you need to use special paper that can be laminated. When people touch the price list, it will get dirty and messy so it is important to put plastic or transparent lamination cover on the list.
  • Write down the items that you want to include on the price list on a paper and see if you can fit all of it on the price list or if there is not enough space, you should eliminate the details that aren’t as important as others.