Attendance Award Template

Attendance Award is just another way that an employer can use to show appreciation and recognize his/her employees for the perfect work attendance. To receive an Attendance Award, the employee must have worked with the company for the longest period of time, have used the minimum sick leaves, have taken few  or no time off without pay, had no late arrivals to work, had not made up late arrivals within the same week of work schedule, and had no unscheduled vacation leaves. However, an absence that is said to be family and medical leave does not disqualify an employee from receiving an Attendance Award. This article will talk about the importance of Attendance Award and how they add value to an employee’s reputation.

Enhance Reputation:

Clients expect high standard services and corporate responsibilities from the company. Participating in the Attendance Award program will enable the company to demonstrate that it sets higher standards for the employees. This shows the company’s commitment in ensuring the satisfaction of its clients. Having the award program also motivates the employees to work more thus increasing their productivity in the company. It also shows the company’s appreciation and acknowledgement of their hard work. This will improve both the company’s reputation and the employee’s reputation as well.

Improve Attendance Rates:

Promoting work attendance will have a significant benefit to the company. An Attendance Award nomination will show the company’s support and it can prevent the escalation of absenteeism; thus improving attendance rates which will result to reduction of workloads and effectiveness of the company. Improving attendance rates will reduce pressure on the employees covering for those who are absent. It will also reduce paid sick offs. This will improve and maintain the company’s productivity and employees’ efficiency. Attendance Award makes the employees feel supported, encouraged and valued, making it more likely that they will work hard and appreciated for it.

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Reduced Costs of Sick Leaves:

An Attendance Award will encourage the employees to report to work every single day without fail. It will improve their work attendance therefore there will minimal cases of unnecessary paid sick off days. Employees will feel appreciated and motivated to continue working so they will have no reason to fake sickness so that they can stay at home. This will reduce the cost of paid sick leaves.

Improved Working Skills:

An Attendance Award will reduce absenteeism and once an employee is at work for all the working days, they will improve their working skills. Every day they learn a new thing and little by little they will improve their working expertise, and get even more creative with their work. This is good for the company’s productivity and also for the employee to gain more working experience.

Retaining Employees:

An Attendance Award will motivate your employees, make them happy working with your company, and reduces the chances of moving them to work in a different company. It will make the employees feel at home when they are working for you. Motivating and retaining employee is very crucial for the company’s goodwill and prosperity because it determine its productivity.